For Interesting, Intelligent, Complicated Women: An Interview with Tammy Riley-Smith

by Mary Jo Watts Delicious is an extreme rarity. It’s a micro-budget independent film written, directed, and co-produced by a woman, Tammy Riley-Smith, starring a woman, Louise Brealey, about a woman named Stella who suffers from an eating disorder. In 2013 only 6% of the directors of the top 250 films were women. A paltry 11% of readily identifiable protagonists in those films were women. The interview that follows is largely about a film that both Tammy (obviously) and I bothRead more


Le 16 avril 2014 par Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)  (Roxane Périard-Fournier, Traductrice) Michael Price (utilisé avec permission) Ce moment fondamentalement Sherlock. Chaque fois que je vois la scène, je ressens un élan de confusion, un petit frisson sadique. Sherlock Holmes élève son bras et vlan! Sa cravache tranche l’air. Sherlock s’agite et se démène et s’agite. Molly Hooper, son seul témoin, n’a pas plus l’intention de détourner les yeux que nous. Oh, elle grimace un peu quand la cravache entre enRead more

Music to Picture: An Interview with Composer Michael Price

by Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz) That quintessentially Sherlock moment. Every time I see the scene I feel a confusing zap, a wicked little thrill. Sherlock Holmes elevates his arm and whoosh! His riding crop slices the air. Sherlock thrashes and thrashes and thrashes. Molly Hooper, his only witness, has no more intention of averting her eyes than we do. Oh, she winces a bit when the crop makes contact, but not because Sherlock is flogging a corpse. That is incidental.Read more