With Love and Respect to the Characters: A Q&A with Director Douglas Mackinnon

By Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)   Sherlock fans? We’re a thirsty lot. We fell in love on the 25th of July, 2010 when the first episode, “A Study in Pink”, debuted on the BBC. Until January 1, 2016 we had only nine full-length episodes to drink up, with at times years between the three seasons. Millions of fans all over the world live in limbo, a nearly perpetual state of hiatus. Each broadcast of a new episode is a respite. WeRead more


Par Mary Jo Watts (Roxane Périard-Fournier, Traductrice) Tammy Riley-Smith dirige Louise Brealey sur le plateau de Delicious. Utilisée avec permission. Delicious est d’une extrême rareté. C’est un film indépendant à micro budget écrit, réalisé et coproduit par une femme, Tammy Riley-Smith, mettant en vedette une femme, Louise Brealey, à propos d’une femme nommée Stella qui souffre d’un trouble de l’alimentation. En 2013, seulement 6 % des réalisateurs des films dans le top 250 étaient des femmes. Un maigre 11 % desRead more

For Interesting, Intelligent, Complicated Women: An Interview with Tammy Riley-Smith

by Mary Jo Watts Delicious is an extreme rarity. It’s a micro-budget independent film written, directed, and co-produced by a woman, Tammy Riley-Smith, starring a woman, Louise Brealey, about a woman named Stella who suffers from an eating disorder. In 2013 only 6% of the directors of the top 250 films were women. A paltry 11% of readily identifiable protagonists in those films were women. The interview that follows is largely about a film that both Tammy (obviously) and I bothRead more