BBC Sherlock 221B Baker Street Props & Set Dressings

BBC Sherlock 221B Baker Street Props, Books, and Other Set Dressings Note: If you’re coming from The Independent, they posted the wrong URL in their story, “From Big Bang Theory to The Simpsons: The art of the television bookshelf.” You can find my list of Sherlock’s Books & Magazines (through Series 4 #setlock) here: more

BBC Sherlock’s Books, Magazines and Newspapers Master List

This list is as accurate as possible as of 7 July, 2015. All titles identified by mid0nz unless otherwise credited (iow all mistakes are mine!) Abbreviation Key: Only episodes with an * have books that I’ve seen/remembered/listed. *P = Unaired Pilot *ASiP = A Study in Pink *TBB = The Blind Banker TGG =The Great Game *ASiB = A Scandal in Belgravia *THoB = The Hounds of Baskerville *TRF = The Reichenbach Fall TEH = The Empty Hearse *TSo3 = The Sign of Three HLV = His LastRead more